St. James Theatre St. James Theatre is the first newly built theatre complex in central London for 30 years. It features a 312 seat theatre and a 100 seat studio theatre and a brasserie and lobby bar offering delicious food, fine wines and cocktails.

St. James’ Creative Director Robert Mackintosh always felt London Theatre distinctly lacked smaller, off-Broadway type theatres seating less than 500 people to develop shows prior to moving to the West End. In 1996 when he was producing Joey and Gina’s Wedding, finding a suitable 200-300 seater venue proved exceedingly difficult, to the point that the company ended up developing the basement of Café Royal on Regent Street, where the production ran for over a year.

When the opportunity came up to develop a theatre on the site of 12 Palace Street, Robert says he was immediately interested as it offered the possibility of developing a new venue from scratch. As soon as the possibility of acquiring the building became a reality, he started to develop his vision, building on his experience of successful small venues and adding ideas of his own. As it turned out the building contained more than Robert had hoped for; with not only a main theatre but also a studio to give the best flexibility and ensuring the St. James Theatre complex is a destination for all live entertainment.

In September 2012 the theatre opened its doors for the first time with a performance of Sandi Toksvig’s Bully Boy, starring Anthony Andrews and Joshua Miles and shortly afterwards the St. James studio space began showcasing excellent comedy, jazz and cabaret.